Moment—Wyatt Dalton

Sometimes I live for the future,
sometimes I long for the past.
But when I live within the moment,
true beauty’s within my grasp

A feeling of perpetual loneliness,
and pain the past may bring.
Old memories of times now lost,
cutting deep, the emotional sting

The future, the trap,
perilously tempting,
hidden within the abyss,
time thought wasting.
The eager bane of dreamers,
their hopes reluctantly fading.
The goal, for a moment beyond reach,
a light slowly failing.

A sense of total beauty and peace,
in the moment lies.
The pattern of God’s symphony revealed,
His glory reprise.

To live in loneliness is no life at all.
To walk without faith will lead to a fall.
I choose to exist here and now,
waiting on God’s inevitable call